The following is a FAQ list for Expedition Sauce and Rooster Sauce. 

  1. How hot is Expedition Sauce and Rooster Sauce?  5/10 on heat, 10/10 on flavor.
  2. What does all-natural mean? Our #1 goal is to create consistently great products that have healthy ingredients.  We use the term all-natural because our recipes consist of minimally processed non-gmo plant based ingredients like vine ripe fresh peppers, organic and fresh spices, and a virgin olive oil base. 
  3. Is Expedition Sauce and Rooster Sauce vegan? Yes
  4. Is Expedition Sauce and Rooster Sauce gluten free? Yes
  5. How much does shipping cost? We determine shipping prices based on the order weight and your address.
  6. Made in the USA? Yes
  7. Where do your ingredients come from? We source as local as possible. Throughout most of the year our peppers come from organic Washington farms. When these are not available, we source quality peppers from California. Our other ingredients are sourced from Northwest Gourmet who buy all natural, GMO free. 
  8. Are your products GMO free? Yes
  9. How long have you been in business? We have been selling gourmet hot sauce since 2012.
  10. What is your product good on? Our sauces are versatile and can be used as condiments as well as a base to cook with. We recommend stir fry, rice, chicken, eggs, potatoes, sandwiches, burritos, and on the go meals for Expedition Sauce.
  11. If there is a problem who do I contact? Our email :


Legal Disclaimer

Contains hot peppers. Contains hot peppers. We stand behind our product. If you are not 100% satisfied with De Mars's Hot Rooster Sauce, you can return it for a full refund. Please contact us for details.


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